Having owned and operated SME's for many years I know the importance of satisfied customers and the level of service required.

Distinctive Products was set up to bring to the golf and fashion markets product that was unique and innovative and not available in this country.

I have put down only a small number of the many comments received over time.

One of the reasons is to let others read about these products and about how we try to differentiate ourselves from others in the market.

Feel free to comment back to me on any of the responses below.

What people are saying


Editors pick at PGA Show 2013 "

Golf Digest


PGA show 2013... This year, one favourite, is The Pill "

Links Magazine


Why didn't I think of that? Some of the best training aids require no explanation... I think this is a surefire winner "

My Golf Spy


If the way you putt is making you sick take The Pill "

The Rope


Five products that should be on your Rader. The Pill... one of the coolest products at the PGA show... it's a unique and worthwhile practice tool. It can also be used on the course or in the house... this is a must have. "

Myrtle Beach Golf's


Best moments of the PGA - Its a simple yet powerful training tool you can use in your living room or on the practice green - at the show, we watched it being putt through an 8 foot break and if your strokes is true it will remain upright which is pretty amazing. This is definitely something we'll be stocking in our retail locations soon. "

2nd Swing - Mike Oliver (Store Manager)