We will put up here a range of videos we take as we speak to people and introduce them The Pill™. Some are from golfers who have sent some in to us so we have put these up as well. Enjoy.

Technical Details

The impact of The Pill™ comes from it's unconventional design. Featuring two flat sides, The Pill™ forces you to hit the center of the clubface on putts or chip shots. Even the slightest inaccuracy in your form will send The Pill™ wobbling and rolling at a curve.

We've created The Pill™ to improve alignment by giving a clear visual on the angle of your hit. Right down to the rings in the side of the ball, which help visualize alignment.

Made of Surlyn©, a highly resilient synthetic material used in the majority of golf balls in the industry, The Pill™ will stand up to the durability test that the avid golfer demands, while allowing many different options for spin & distance combinations.

On full shots your errors will be exaggerated, forcing the golfer to hone their technique. This makes practice more difficult and helps to uncover tendencies clearly. If the Pill™ is hit improperly the ball will either lean to one side or roll off line or tumble wildly.

No other product on the market provides this level of feedback while being versatile enough to be played all the way to the hole; from seeing the full ball flight on your drivers, hybrids and woods to finessing the details of your putt.

Ask yourself these questions when next practicing your putting or chipping?

  • Is the face square to ensure sweet spot contact and the right roll and direction. Use one or two Pills™ together to see the club face impact
  • Does the golf ball show you everything about your shot, the Pill™ does because of its shape contours and design
  • Do you hit down on your chips, lie the Pill™ flat on the grass, hit it and watch it spin and therefore learn how to control your stroke
  • What's your target line, the Pill™ requires you to align the ball correctly to ensure likely success towards the hole
  • Shrink your target by standing the Pill™ upright you reduce the target strike zone and improve your accuracy to hit that perfect shot with your pitching wedge
  • Get the feedback you need, because of the shape and design you'll see it fly in the air, you'll see it roll out when it hits the green or rolls out along the green towards the hole
  • Do you regularly leave your ball short of the hole, the Pill™ is slightly lighter than a traditional ball therefore encouraging you to hit harder and therefore creating greater opportunity to get the ball to the hole and hopefully in rather than leaving it short
  • Reacts better than a traditional ball over any distance on and around the green and will follow the green contours like any traditional ball when it correctly
  • Hone those 2-3 metre putts to ensure 100% accuracy that tour professionals strive for
  • Devise any number of drills using 1,2,3 or more Pills™ to maximise your training routine

We invite you to practice with the most innovative and unique putting training aid on the market and the only practice devise designed to be played all the way to the hole either putting or chipping with it.

You can experience what PGA and ALPG players are when they practice with the Pill™ and help improve your game.

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